This is what we call quality of life


Who we are

Mist S.A. is a company established in 2007 by a small group of   good friends who have not only seen opportunities in the real estate market of eastern Crete, but most importantly have a vision of offering to the customer a unique experience: the return to a traditional way of living and an experience of the true qualities of life.
At one point or another, all the people of Mist S.A. have lived or worked abroad. This has helped us look at Crete from a different point of view. We have realized that what our island has to offer is a combination of astounding history, exceptional beauty, and most importantly, Cretan “philoxenia” (Cretan hospitality). Our aim is to make it possible for any one to be able to experience these unique qualities, by providing properties of the highest standards, at affordable prices, and services that we had wished to have received when we had invested in or had to move to a foreign country.


Sitia, Lassithi; Eastern Crete: The reason we have chosen to be involved with Crete is because of the island's climate, exceptional beauty, which combines golden beaches with breathtaking mountains, but also for the historical value of the island that makes it globally one of a kind.
More specifically, the   prefecture   of   Lassithi   has some of the most historical and beautiful mountainous villages or   Crete . It also represents one of the few locations of the island that have remained untouched and virgin. The reason for this is mainly because of infrastructure which until recently was not as intense as in the rest of the island. Currently major road works are taking place in the area. Most importantly, by 2009 the Sitia airport extension will be completed in order to be able to accommodate international carriers. The market is expected to develop in a very fast pace. For more information you can refer to the Investment Appraisal section of our website.


Our architect, engineer and construction teams with international professional experience, are inspired by the traditional Cretan architecture. They are specialised in the reconstruction of 19th and 20th century stone-built properties, but also work on new developments, always reserving the traditional character of the area.
The many years of experience, specialization in the field and particular attention to detail add up to providing unique properties and most importantly comfort.

Interior Decoration

Aesthetics play a major role in our final work: our interior design team uses a wide range of traditional as well as modern materials and refined furniture in order to make each house unique and, at the same time, ergonomic to the occupant. Colours, fabrics and lighting are all combined in a distinctive way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

We are individuals with expertise in different fields who work together as a team in order to identify our customers' needs and strive to deliver to them in the best way possible.
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